Welcome to our world of beautiful daylilies.

After years of watching and evaluation many, many seedlings, we are proud to announce our first introduction:

 Named for our very dear friend and fellow daylily lover, Arlene Wierschem,
this evergreen, tetraploid, buttery yellow self with sculpted angel wings has a
5.75" bloom.
She stands at 27" tall with 6 way branching and 30 buds. An olive green throat
and ruffles, finishes off the fragrant and exquisite look of
Naturecoast Lottie. Then she re-blooms!
It has shown to be very rust resistant in our zone
8b garden.


We are located in the heart of Dixie County, on the Naturecoast of Florida just 5 minutes from the famous Suwannee River, where we grow our Daylilies like the home gardener.  No greenhouse, no special food...just old fashioned tender loving care.

Our goal is to provide you with quality daylily plants that are true to name, multiplied in our garden - meaning no tissue culture - and dug fresh before shipping. We have quality Hybrid Daylily seeds available in different quantities for your growing pleasure. Both come with instructions.

Feel free to email us with any questions

Thanks for stopping in,

Lem and Lu Mikell