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Daylily Seed (Hybrid)


50+" Daylily Seeds for $14.50. These are FRESH seeds. Our Daylily Seeds are from crosses of the "LATEST PARENTS" available on todays market. Your blooms should be much nicer than some of the "NAMED" Daylilies around today.

We breed for bold eyes, large ruffled edges, substance and fragrance. We use NAMED Parents such as "China Clipper", "Spacecoast Cotton Candy", "Ageless Beauty", "Spacecoast Starburst", "Spacecoast Jimbo Sadler", "Pahokee Princess", "Darla Anita", "Flamingo Parade", "Celestial Empire", "Lies & Lipstick", "Brer Rabbits Baby", "Pearl Harbor", "JT Davis" , "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be", Gerda Brooker" "Alexander's Ragtime Band" "Crossfire Hurricane" and many more in our Hybridizing Program. Please see photo for examples of some of our past Daylily Crosses.


These have been refrigerated and are ready to plant when you are!

The photo shown is one of our creations that was purchased as a seedling from us and later registered as H . Dixie's Enchanted Creation.

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